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Willkommen auf der Webseite von naxid weddings - Cinematic Love Stories aus Wien

As a wedding videographer I fill

your wedding video with emotions.




Do you know the moment when you become one with a person in the middle of a film because you can put yourself in that person's place and feel your heart being touched and it is hard for you to hide your emotions? This moment is the soul of the film, the moment everything revolves around. This is what I stand for as a wedding videographer, because "Cinematic Love Stories" is my motto, which I would like to incorporate into your wedding video.


It is the passion,

that unites us.

Hi, my name is Jürgen. I run naxid weddings together with my best friend Susanne. We love to create authentic and emotional wedding films, no matter if in Vienna, Austria or abroad and feel at home wherever you want us to be.


Susi and I have a lot in common: We passionately like to stand up for everything that is important to us, laugh a lot and like to enjoy new places and look for those moments you can't get enough of: Natural landscapes, idyllic sunrises, and sunsets, mountains and lakes, lush meadows but also true feelings and exciting adventures. 


It is always special to us when we can accompany you on your wedding day – and to transform your emotions, your togetherness, your tears and joys, simply everything that makes your day so special, into a creative memory that will remind you each time again of your time and love together.

Das sind wir von naxid weddings, juergen & susi. Echtes Teamwork




On your wedding day, you'll make every effort to plan everything carefully. The decoration is exactly the way you want it to be, the location was chosen carefully, the guests in a cheerful mood.


What's more important than capturing these moments forever? Moments and emotions, which will inspire you, your grandchildren and your whole family again and again? A film is a perfect solution. It is your investment in the future because while a photo records the moment, the film manages to capture the entire scenery, the "before" and "after", and do reproduce it emotionally with great attention to detail and selected music. This fundamental difference makes a video indispensable.

Top Five Wedding Elements Couples Wish 

They'd Spend More Money on: ¹

  1. Videographer (25%)

  2. Photographer (22%)

  3. Wedding Planner (20%)

  4. Flowers & Decor (12%)

  5. Band / DJ (10%)

¹ Source

I want to be more than just a service provider, I want to celebrate with you, laugh, feel with you, be a "friend" and write history together. As a "storyteller" I would like to be inspired by you, your personality and your shared past. I find every wedding unique, not only in terms of date and location but also and especially because of all those people who make this celebration what it is: a lasting memory. On your wedding day it is me you spend most of your time with, I am always close to you and try to be as inconspicuous as possible. I think that the best pictures are created in a natural way, which is why I look for exactly these moments.

In order for you to feel comfortable near me and in front of the camera, it is particularly important to me that the "chemistry", i.e. the interpersonal relationship between all of us is right. Getting to know each other is therefore of particular importance to me.






Each wedding is unique and I want to share every single one with you. Watch every wedding on my blog page.



[...] naxid weddings hat all unsere Wünsche umgesetzt und unsere Erwartungen um ein vielfaches übertroffen. Das Video strotzt nur so voller Emotionen und wunderbarere Momente. Von der ersten Kontaktaufnahme bis zur Übergabe des fertigen Videos war er super professionell und kreativ. Am Tag der Hochzeit selbst hat er Ruhe ausgestahlt und all unsere Wünsche berücksichtigt. Vielen herzlichen Dank! [...]

Claudia auf


  Since it is our goal to film you and your wedding guests as naturally as possible, our cameras are inconspicuous. We film with DSLM devices, (mirrorless cameras) and use manageable accessories, so that only you and not our gear is in focus.



When should we get in contact?

  A preliminary talk is very important to us because we attach great importance to our sympathy for each other.

We can also discuss the main points of your wedding and provide you with advice well in advance. A few weeks before your wedding we will meet again to discuss the final plan.


What is the length of the film?

  This question cannot be answered in general, since we do not know your wedding. As a rule of thumb, you can assume about 5 minutes.


If you now think that this is quite short, I can confirm that longer videos lose excitement and are usually not watched to the end by other viewers. After all, these are the highlights of your wedding day.


Which basic package do you offer?

  Number of persons

Our goal is to accompany you as a 2-man team because it is important for us to capture as much of your day as possible. Especially weddings and speeches are more empathetic from different points of view and thus convey a much more professional impression.

Duration on site

By default, we accompany you from 8 hours each to capture all the important aspects of your wedding day and to show them in your wedding film. All important events should be scheduled within this time. 


Film equipment

We bring mirrorless cameras, audio and light setup and if legally permitted a drone.

Speaking of the drone: Please understand that we cannot guarantee in advance that we will actually use it, especially as it is not legally permitted everywhere and must also fit into the time frame of the program.

Travel expenses / Overnight stays

Travel costs are not to be paid separately (no kilometer allowance, etc.). If your wedding location is more than one hour outside of Vienna, we will arrive the day before and depart the day after your wedding, so there will be two overnight stays.


Can we order additional material?

  With pleasure! Since there are two of us, we can additionally offer you individual parts of your wedding in full length. This includes:


  • Complete wedding ceremony

  • Ceremony + recession + congratulations

  • Wedding cake

  • Speeches

  • Wedding dance

  • Special wishes you tell us

The decision whether you want additional footage does not have to be made in advance, you can worry about it after the wedding day.


How long does the processing take?

  Given that each video is edited individually and creativity is a feature that cannot be retrieved every day, it is not possible to set a flat delivery date. It also depends on our general order situation as to when we can start with your video.

Of course, we know that you are eagerly awaiting the finished wedding video, which is why we remain in active contact with you even after the wedding. As a rule of thumb, you should plan in 6 - 8 weeks. Receiving the photos earlier, you will also have a second event to look forward to.


What cameras are you filming with?

Resolution / Quality / Delivery

Is all the sound being recorded?

  Of course! We use small Lavalier microphones, which we discreetly attach to you, so that the spoken words of the wedding ceremony, the speeches but also the letters and texts can be reproduced flawlessly and with high quality.

Don't worry, these are very small devices that are hardly noticeable and don't collide with any other devices or microphones.



Our videos are available in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). If you wish, we can also upscale the film to 4K. Attention: This does not mean that the recordings were filmed in 4K.



The finished wedding film receives our typical film graining, i.e. a subtle film noise as well as a color scheme adapted to the film. 



You receive the finished wedding video by USB stick in a small but fine delivery box as well as an additional download link. We also upload the video to Vimeo so that you can forward it directly to your loved ones for viewing.